The Smart Tech software platform was developed as a support of the tracking companies and with the purpouse of provide a national network of technicians in order to perform installation, removal and maintenance of the tracking devices. In this way, your company can attend clients throughout Brazil and manage services with high quality.

How to get this service?

Step 01

In the Panorama Track & Trace platform, you have the "SO Generation" resource.

Hiring Smart Tech platform you will have access to a national network of technicians for tracking devices installation and maintenance.

Just generate your "SO's" grouping services by customers and areas for them covered and posting them at the SMART TECH portal.

Step 02

Technicians around the area where you need to install, do maintenance or remove trackers, will receive service offerings on their smartphones and will return the message showing interest in the realization of the service.

You will receive a return message of up to five technicians and will choose to who of them will be pased the service.

Step 03

Your service offerings may be directly aimed to the technician with whom you prefer to work or they will be published in two different ways: (1) Fixed price – where you decide how much you pay for the service. (2) Auction – where the technicians will bid, with different prices, in order to perform the offered service.

When the service to be performed are finished, the technician will report all the procedures performed through the Smart Tech App and you will have control of everything that were done.

IMPORTANT: The power to decide who will perform the service always will be in your hands!


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