To monitor someone it is necessary that both have the App installed on their smartphones

A user can only monitor to another user, if this one "release his monitoring" for the first one using the resources available in the app for this purpose

Option to release the temporary location to be monitored

Approximate location of the monitored by the smartphone or tablet

It allows creation of points of interest

Association of monitored by point of interest

Alerts when entry and exit from points of interest previously configured in the App

Positioning of the monitored smartphone every 5 minutes

Integration with Waze App to plot routes to the monitored location

Report of the approximate positions and speed of the monitored

Itinerary made report

Important: to run up the App, users need: smartphone with internet data plan or Wifi internet access and maintain active the smartphone GPS tracking system in high-precision mode.


Location of the monitored vehicle through MobCel App

Anchor function to protect your vehicle from theft

Alerts when there is movement of vehicles anchored, where the vehicle get out of predetermined location

It allows to send a command to lock the vehicle through the App

Report of the approximate positions and speed of the monitored vehicles

Vehicles itinerary made report


MobCel is free for people monitoring;

Information and safety for those whose are important for you!;

Vehicles monitoring option is availabe after the user hires, pays and install a tracker;

Anchor function bring more safety when the vehicle is parked;

Low battery power consumption;

Intuitive App;

It generates useful information.

Track people and vehicles* with MobCel!

Free App!

*IMPORTANT remarks!
The monitoring of the people through the App is free.
To monitor vehicles it will be necessary to hire, pay and install the announced tracker in the App.

Get to know the opinion of those who already use!


Anytime I know where my loved ones are. A good free choice!


Anchor function helps a lot to monitor my vehicle. Without a doubt, a great differential with other app´s.


The location of my vehicle and security from anywhere. Excellent!
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