The integrated process of production and distribution logistics LogTrace creates a perfect synchronization between manufacturers and their suppliers (products, people, processes and operations), through an IT infrastructure, with technology capable to capture, interpret and treat data issued by the different smart sensors and devices of the system. This integrated set of data (BigData) is the essence of the supply chain in the processes of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution logistics of the Industry 4.0 operations.


Tracking and monitoring of all the production and distribution logistics processes;

Real time data acquisition and processing;

Agility and collaboration in decision making;

Operation agility, flexibility, automation and control;

Communication between products, people, processes and operations through IoT (operational interaction);

Quality of the offered services;

Integration of planning, development, production and logistic distribution of the assets;

Cyber-physical production systems through technologies such as barcodes (1D), quick response codes (QR codes / 2D) and radio frequency identification (RFID);

Database integration;

Increase your production efficiency and reduce operating expenses in the supply chain!


Flexibility and efficiency in production methods;

Shorter response times in the coordination and distribution logistics;

Potentiation of innovation;

Efficient and advanced model of logistics distribution;

Adaptation and digitalization of processes;

Anticipation in decision making;

Data processing with advanced analytical methods;

End-to-end assets tracking;

Resources optimization and redistribution;

Economic and financial sustainability;

Energy efficiency;

Low rate of defects or errors;

Increase production;

Expenses reduction;

Reduction of sales loss;

Increase of customer satisfaction.


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