In addition to the onboard systems, such as: GPS equipment, driver fatigue sensor, video monitoring, wifi, digital passenger counter, keyboard for communication between CCO - driver; Panorama Smart Operation and Management Support System for public transportation - SAE, as IoT - Smart Mobility concept, allows the integration of various onboard technologies, optimizing the implementation and reducing investments.

The LogBus Global is based in three pillars: onboard technology and its integration into a single control and management platform, information and communications technology (ICT) and the Operational Control Center - CCO, based on Geographic Information Systems - GIS, allowing to know, in real-time, the exact location of each vehicle in the fleet, speeding up, therefore, the time in the taking decision in front of potential incidents.


Establish and define intelligent systems applied in the public transportation.

Define the equipments attributes of advanced technology that can really meet the needs of operators and managers using a quality tool.

Knowing the priority of attributes based on the quality demanded by users.


Shorter trip time

Increase capacity and flow

Expenses reduction

Raising the level of users satisfaction

Better and safer

Pollutants reduction

Less occurrence of traffic infringements

Efficiency gain in public transport

Logistics improvements

People with less access to transportation would face fewer difficulties

Integration with fare and the different transportation modes

Differentiated real time information for users and managers

Operation, planning and management of the system always up-to-date.


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