The Panorama Risk Management System, GR-P, was developed as a safety support tool of the transported cargo, aiming to minimize existing risks during their logistics, ensuring total control over trips, deliveries, the established time and in the model of programmed control and involved risk.


It is the basis for the best risk management model! The “Tele-monitoring”!

Smart registration of in advance informed travels

Smart control for travel initiated outside the scheduled hours or without permission to iniciate it

Routing with electronic fence, points of interest and warning times for control

Control programming according to the degree of risk of the route and cargo

Smart control when it is exceed the limit of the areas without authorization

Smart control over the permanence limited time in points of interest

Vehicles tracking and monitoring

Customer registration

Drivers and vehicles registration

Alerts registration

Routes registration

Electronic fence (radius or polygon)

Travel reports for audit

Map, satellite or street view display options

Integration with many GPRS, satellite and hybrid tracking hardwares

Processes automation

Scheduled alert to contact with the driver

georeferenced registration about the contacts with the drivers


Exempt from high investment in robust tracking equipment

Proactive risk management

Integration with Panorama Track & Trace platform

Platform integrated with QR-P App

Allows better and faster customer service

Higher profitability

Expenses reduction

Confidence, security, efficiency and transparency for your customer


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